Supination Shoes

Supination of the foot means rolling of foot outside. Supination is caused by many structural and genetic problems. Supinators or under pronators must know how to choose shoes for supination.

People who supinate are often in the doldrums and are found confused in choosing the shoes that can be suitable for them. Keeping in view the stability features the supination shoes are designed in a way that the inner side of the sole carries more weight that the outer side.

Are supination shoes necessary?

If a supinator or under pronator uses wrong footwear or worn-out shoes he will have to bear the brunt of his mistake. Supination in severe cases can eventually result in sprained ankle, bunions and plantar fasciitis. It clearly shows that a supinator must have the proper footwear to avoid these complications. Choosing perfect footwear is the answer to a frequently asked question “how to correct supination”.Supination Shoes

What shoes should I wear for supination?

Mostly, both supinator and pronator can use shoes if they’re soft and comfortable. But some shoes are specially designed for supinator and high-arched people. They must be cushioned, foamy, and supportive. Light weight footwear should be appreciated instead of heavy footwear. One must look at whether the shoe is flexible or not. The sole should spring back and forth while running. That is why an old shoe that has become hard mostly causes supination.

Are neutral shoes good for supination?

Neutral shoes are absolutely good for people who often supinate.They have more foam in heal than in the other parts of the sole. They help a lot in maintaining a neutral gait. They help the supinator with an abnormal gait against supination.

Are stability shoes good for supination?

Stability shoes are designed for people with weak foot muscles to provide them stability. They are also best for over pronators to correct their gait. But an under pronator or supinator should use  neutral shoes rather than stability shoes.

What can be the worst shoes for supination?

Footwear that is way too tight and inflexible is no doubt a worst footwear for supination. Rigid shoes are also at a loose end when we talk about supination. Also, shoes that have less shock absorption capability are not good for people who supinate.

Benefits of supination shoes:

The first and foremost benefit of supination shoes is that they help in correcting the gait that’s not correct either structurally or genetically. They also help a lot in shock absorption that counts a lot and provide safety against any serious injury. They prevent the pain and any kind of soreness a supinator is more likely to encounter. Supination shoes also provide support to the supinator against the ground.

How to choose the perfect footwear for supination?

First of all, you need to find out whether you are a supinator or pronator. For this purpose take your old shoes and look at the sole. The sole will tell you whether you are a supinator or pronator. If you see a wear on the inner side of the sole then you are a pronator. And if you see a wear on the outer side of the sole then you are a supinator. If you are a supinator then you should keep the following features in mind while choosing shoes :

  • Foamy – To protect against soreness and pain.
  • Flexible – To walk at a stretch and move feet in any direction.
  • Soft – A soft footwear provides extreme comfort to all type of gaits especially to a supinator.

To sum up, supination shoes are of great importance for high-arched people. And to log miles without the proper shoes for supination is like flogging a dead horse.

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