Glue Pennies To Shoes

A brief history of glue pennies to shoes

It is a trick to glue pennies to shoes and has known as Pennies for Entertainment. In this trick, some pennies have stacked to the bottom of the shoes. It is a valuable tip to make your children entertained. This trend has used by a mother. She wants to buy Tap dance shoes for her child. But the shoes were expensive. So, she found an easy and inexpensive way and made Tap dance shoes on her own.

Glue Pennies To Shoes

It is a great idea to glue pennies under the shoes to fulfill this need. Moreover, if your child enjoys making noise, this idea will also work for you. For doing this, all you need is just a pair of your shoes, glue, and some pennies. Your child will enjoy it. Dancing shoes make many tapping noises on the stage and floor. Also, it adds extra rhythm to the dancing performance. In the same way, pennies under the shoes work.


Additionally, it is an affordable choice for you. It is simple and elegant. A person with no money can also use this idea to get Tap dancing shoes for their children. He has required glue and some useless pennies. After that, he can glue pennies to his shoes. It will make his heart satisfied and happy. So, in this way, he can also get Dancer shoes.


How to Glue Pennies To Shoes?

Mostly, about five to nine pennies have used for making this idea workable. You should glue four pennies near the toe side of the shoes. And five pennies at the side of the heel.

Moreover, you can adjust it according to the shoe size. Glue these pennies firmly.

The tapping sound of these shoes will fill your child with the thrill and will make him excited.

Glue Pennies To Shoes



Pros and cons of sticking pennies to the shoes:


Amused sound:

The tapping of pennies makes an amused sound. This sound can make your children motivated while moving. Moreover, it is kind of fun for children.

Low cost:

The value of pennies has dropped from decades. The copper coins have considered fruitless these days. Even they have thrown in many parts of the world. In this way, these coins have used for a purpose.


Satisfying the younger siblings:

This idea can be used for the younger siblings also. In this way, they will not demand your shoes and your shoes will not tear out.

Why poor parents Glue Pennies To Shoes:

The parents who can’t buy dancing shoes for their children are able now to make their children happy. So, it is a way of spreading smiles on their faces.


A person can feel disappointed if he is not able to afford glue and some pennies. The value of pennies has so lowered. But a small creative idea has made them worth able. A little effort can make your child motivated and amused during the dance. The sound of these pennies will make them overwhelmed.

It is a pleasant idea for both children and parents. This idea also has changed the thinking way for many people. This idea has realized many people that a small effort can make a useless thing to the worth able.


This article is about the glue pennies to shoes. A creative idea has discussed with you in this article. You’ll find this article informative as well.


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